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Dress by Bazerdžan x @comme_de_lars_mom

Dress by Bazerdžan x @comme_de_lars_mom

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Men's shirts are used in this collection of dresses as a symbol of masculine energy and masculine principle, but they are deconstructed in order to create something new with the feminine creative principle. Thus, the dress in the lower part consists of two men's shirts that form an irregular structure as a symbol of balance. The possibility of tying a shirt in the part of the hips, where the center of female energy is, symbolically provides support, where all female wisdom is.

The dress is short and summery, it is urban and bold length in the front, but due to the asymmetry and length in the back, the woman will feel safe walking around the city. The length also allows it to be worn in combination with trousers, as a tunic for a business variant. Femininity is spontaneity, naturalness and an indicator that a woman feels good in her skin, that she is balanced in expressing herself as a whole - and her masculine and feminine part.

Read more about the collaboration and idea on our blog post! 
Material: Cotton
Size: One size

*Men's shirts used in this collection are all different.

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