The future of fashion is digital

The future of fashion is digital

Always aiming to make fashion more sustainable and advancing our garments, Bazerdžan’s Creative Team composed of digital professionals and creatives is bringing you an endearing new experiment: BAZERDZAN.DIGITAL.


The pandemic era changed and accelerated the new face of fashion. It was long coming, alas -  for microinfluencers, small businesses and fashion powerhouses alike, moving into the digital fashion realm presented new and exciting opportunities. At the core of this acceleration-driven venture are rendered 3D models perfected to almost tangible details thanks to the developing virtual reality technologies. Influencers across the world flaunt their red-carpet ready gowns as well as OOTD’s, without the burden of storing or maintaining the garment after the stage lights go off. Fans of online shopping finally get the answer to the ever present question - it looks good on the model in the picture, but how will it fit me

Moving away from the immediate positive impact on humans and services they use, digital fashion is also activist at its core. That’s why Bazerdžan loves it so much! Our dedication to minimize our carbon footprint and actively contribute to fashion sustainability go hand-in-hand with digital fashion innovation. 

Computers and ecology? How?

The fashion business is often linked to unsustainable choices, profit-oriented marketing, highly polluting production and distribution techniques and large-scale productions. Bazerdžan is at the forefront of the struggle to make fashion more sustainable. Oriented towards production of limited quantities of garments characterized by hand-picked natural materials and collaboration with local artisans from the very start, Bazerdžan’s newest project is to introduce another step on the sustainability path. 

Would you like to be part of our new mission? We’re on a quest to discuss, research and shape the future of fashion. Sustainability and digital innovation are at the core of this mission. Do you enjoy creating digital art, rendering 3D models, and you care about the environment? Us, too - let’s do it together!

The best part is that we are already offering these services!

Check out our first steps in digital fashion by trying on our earrings inspired by the endangered plant of Bosnia and Herzegovina - "Hepatica nobilis", using our new Instagram filter; digitally see all the ruffles and creases on one of our staples - the white shirt from the Bosnian Fairy collection, or hit us up if you’d like to see anything from our shop in your own picture. 

Are you interested in being part of this journey? We will gladly advise you on how to make your choices more sustainable and work with you to create your own digital garments. If you are a company or an individual, check out BAZERDZAN.DIGITAL write to us or visit us in our analog store!


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