The role of Bazerdžan in the design/creative community of BiH

The role of Bazerdžan in the design/creative community of BiH

By Zana Karkin 
zana karkin

Being a concept store, Bazerdžan is more than a place to shop. It’s about the experience and the feel of how fashion, design, beauty, and art come together in a variety of ways. It’s about what that potent combination, sprinkled with affection and joy, can accomplish on a larger scale. 

In that sense, we act as a hub for a number of talented and hard-working people who exhibit an exceptional sense of design and creativeness. With most of our partners, we craft products that fit our concept of cultural and traditional heritage. Sometimes, we provide some advice and tips on how to perfect their product and abilities, improve marketing and networking, or simply educate people on what customers go for. Other times, we are deeply involved from the very beginning, whether it’s an individual, group, or a specific product. 

bazerdzan concept store

In short: we do a lot of things, and we’ll try to highlight some of them in this post.

Everyone is welcome

It’s very important for us to be accessible to creative people so that together we can take a step to the next level. Naturally, economic sustainability plays a major role so we make sure the people we work with are best equipped to deal with it. We direct them towards the market needs and work on their strategy by creating products together with them. 

Along with having direct input, we also do a lot of promotion for them, starting with being there from the very formation of an idea to packing and visual identity to product presentation (both in our store and online). We try to turn the product in question into a trend. 

By now, you might have gotten a sense of why collaboration is so important to us. As much as we believe in the end product, we believe in the people behind it. Most of all - we love working with people who share our passion and values. Some of the happiest people we have the pleasure of working with are people with disabilities - you can see how much love, time, and effort they put into their work. 

Oftentimes, it’s the process of building and reinforcing the community that puts a smile on our face, like having coffee with Ibro, our resident artisan for Bazerdžan Wear bags, or going on a hike with ladies from Bogda rukotvorine. This is what inspires us to keep going and be there for others when they need us. 

bazerdzan concept store

That’s why our mission is to spread love and inspiration throughout Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Even though nearly a quarter of a century has passed since the war, living in a post-war community is still a challenge. There’s too much negativity around, so much so that the majority of people say they love coming to our shop just to get some positive energy. Feel free to drop by for a quick chat anytime if you’re in the area! 

Raising awareness about local businesses and tradition

Everything in Bazerdžan is 100% made in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a genuine homemade product from local entrepreneurs - we dare you to prove otherwise. This is something we are very passionate about. It’s all about staying true to your heart despite everything and giving the community a chance to evolve and grow, all the while empowering them. 

bazerdzan concept store

More often than not, fashion is a ruthless cutthroat competition. When you add the unfavorable business climate and increasing globalization, the general public cares little for authentic, original, and unique. It’s with great joy that we educate the society about what it actually means to buy locally handcrafted products. Instilling confidence to people, especially the younger population that has a strong affinity for entrepreneurship but is crippled by unemployment is a huge motivating factor for us. 

Sometimes people just need a small push to make it all the way through. That’s why we actively engage in finding brands very few people are aware of or finding people who simply like to make certain things that we love but don’t have the means to take it to the next level. It’s not uncommon for us to be out and about, meeting and communicating with different people and searching for creative souls all across the country. It’s as we said before: we can create an opportunity and turn a brand into a trend - mission accomplished. 

bazerdzan concept store

Besides showcasing Bosnian designers and artists and their handmade products, preserving traditional crafts is at the very top of the things we do. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country rich with history and culture. There’s so much we learn about ourselves as human beings, not just how our ancestors perfected their craft. Such knowledge was passed from one generation to the next, reaching back hundreds of years into a treasure trove of local traditions and heritage. By sharing information and knowledge about Bosnian culture and tradition, we make sure all its beauty and timelessness is acknowledged and preserved in these modern, fast-paced times. 

Final words

Bazerdžan was born out of the desire and necessity to present and promote authentic Bosnia and Herzegovina. Each new day is a challenge but we don’t shy away from it. We embrace it as our duty to be a responsible and eco-friendly shop (we do as much of upcycling & recycling we can - but that’s a story for another time). We see it as an obligation to present the world a vivid picture of fashion, art, and entrepreneurship in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina through the element of tradition and modern. 

Success is not a given - we should know. When we were starting out, there were many naysayers and doubters about our modern mix of traditionally-inspired and innovative products powered by local arts and smarts. 

What was the reason for it? Who knows. Did we care? Luckily for us, no. 

We care about succeeding in getting an entire community together. Our doors are open to all people who recognize true passion and quality put into a labor of love. Running a small business is a major lifestyle and commitment, and it’s always easier with the help and support of others.

bazerdzan concept store

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