Bosnian symbols through the eyes of Bazerdžan Girls

Bosnian symbols through the eyes of Bazerdžan Girls


Vildana explores the history hidden in the walls of Vijećnica, one of the most important symbols of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Renovated in 2014 after being burnt down for more than 20 years, Vijećnica is the place where some of the most monumental moments of Europe's history took place. 

Leaving childhood and entering our world as adults just as Vijećnica was renovated and opened, for Bazerdžan Girls, it is a symbol of empowerment, of owning our history and creative energy. What other symbols can you recognize on our originally designed T-shirts Vildana is wearing?

An UFO hovering over Sutjeska Memorial on Tjentište is our Ina's commentary on this fascinating place. Did you know that the memorial is almost completely built by hand, and that Tito was heavily involved in its creation? You can read more about our fascination and love for this place on our blog post, Heavy Wings of Freedom, dedicated entirely to it.


What brings Bazerdžan Girls together, especially, is their sympathy towards Bosančica, an almost extinct version of the Bosnian alphabet used during the Middle Ages. As Vildana strolls down the Vijećnica stairs, she flaunts her own design with Bosančica letters falling into an abstract setting as a reminder of what is and what has been. Ina's recent interpretation of it is a manifestation of the Bazerdžan name written in Bosančica, sawn onto a modern, kimono-like garment. 

Each of the Bazerdžan Girls has their own artistic style we like to support. As a big fan of Bosnian nature, Viki often focuses on drawings of our endemic species. Have you ever seen a čovječja ribica (olm)? This mysterious little dragon-like creature lives in the dark waters of Bosnian caves. Check out this illustration on our T-shirts in brand new colors!


Whether it is small details like this or a complete urban cityscape of Sarajevo, Vildana's hometown  Bazerdžan Girls put their creative energy in sharing what they love with everyone.



The symbols Bazerdžan Girls cherish come in high - quality print on stretch cotton T - shirts we sew with the help of local artisans and tailors. Choose your dearest symbol to show to the world by visiting us in our store — conveniently just on the way to Vijećnica — or online.

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