Our team

Zana is the founder of Bazerdzan. She is an engineer turned entrepreneur, lover of all things beautiful. She fell in love with fashion at an early age and developed her own unique style over the years. Being born and raised in Sarajevo, she wanted to give her city a place of beauty which will help preserve traditions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and support young creative minds. She never compromises with things that matter to her - creativity, beauty, and supporting and empowering others. She is a true believer that anything is possible if there's passion and diligence.

Zana is always seeking opportunities to change Bosnia for the better. Should you have any ideas, reach out to her.  

If you ask Ina how she feels about Bazerdzan, she’ll say “it’s my second home”. No surprises there as they have been growing together for 6 years now. 

Ina is our Visual Arts Lead and is a great contributor to everything Bazerdzan was, currently is and all it is going to be.

She is responsible for shooting and editing the majority of the amazing photos you can find on our web and social media. 

She is an artist in love with painting, drawing and illustration who wholeheartedly enjoys storytelling by designing pieces with traditional bh. motifs for Bazerdzanwear (check out the tattoo collection). They showcase her abundant talent and dedication to detail. Her fashion style is eclectic and speaks to her character. 

Being extremely calm and patient, she is the one to talk to if you are absolutely unsure where to start when looking for a piece for yourself or a gift for someone.

Viktorija is to blame if a quote on our shop window draws you in. 

She is our Store manager who does an amazing job making sure everything runs smoothly. 

Viki loves drawing and interior decoration but taking pictures with her analogue camera is her all-time passion. She equally enjoys creating something from scratch or upcycling. Loves fashion but you’ll never see her wearing mass-produced items. Instead, she gives regular clothes her own touch. 

In Bazerdzan, she likes the freedom to be who she really is and the opportunity to explore different creative things. She enjoys being part of the team working on preserving bh. tradition and supporting young creatives. She does product photography and often joins Ina on bigger shootings and campaigns. 

She is extremely observant and will approach you if she sees you’re struggling or indecisive with regard to items you’d like to try or purchase.

Dea is the youngest on our team. She was going to be a graphic designer but decided to take a break from her studies and find a job that will let her do what she likes most - create content for social media. She is currently in charge of our social media stories and reels and uses her talent and knowledge in graphic design to help create lovely brochures or Bazerdzan website details. She loves being surrounded by people and beautiful things, so working at Bazerdzan feels like being in her natural habitat. Loves that Bazerdzan’s mission is to support young creatives and help preserve bh. tradition.

Lamija is the latest addition to our team. She is an art lover, always in the mood for theatre or a visit to a gallery. She’s been in love with fashion ever since she was small but rather than seeing it as a trend, she thinks of it as a reflection of the inner feelings of each individual. Although she genuinely enjoys quiet places, she loves Bazerdzan’s buzz. For her, Bazerdzan is an artsy heaven you go to if you like BiH, would like to buy something unique and support young creatives. 

She is currently in charge of the majority of copywriting on our channels. 

She enjoys talking to customers and gives her best to help you find the thing(s) that will resonate with you.