What Bazerdžan is all about

Bazerdžan proudly pioneers the rebellion against the throwaway culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bazerdzan exterior

Located in the Sarajevo Old Town and surrounded by craftsmen, artists, shoemakers and bakers, Bazerdžan was born in 2016 out of love for Bosnia and Herzegovina and its artistic and cultural history – a source of inspiration and pride for many young locals.
It was created to help fight fast-fashion trends - it offers beautiful hand-picked products made by local creative minds.

Bazerdžan is a fusion of traditional and contemporary design, old and new, talent and commitment, aiming to contribute to the preservation of local tradition and raising visibility of contemporary craftsmanship.

Here, you will find over 50 local brands you cannot find in any other store - whether you are looking for a piece for yourself or a gift for someone else. Quality and individuality are characteristics which stand out in every item - whether it is clothing, jewellery, homeware, cosmetics or books. Every designer, every collection has a personal touch – its own character.

We have our own in-house design story as well - Bazerdžan Wear. Emerged from our desire to create clothes and bags we could wear day after day, yet stand out in the crowds.

Bazerdžan is the place if you are looking for inspiration, a daily dose of genuinely good energy or an item to buy. A place where you’ll be welcomed by amazing humans some of whom have been with us from its foundation.

Bazerdžan is thinking long-term and that means investing time, effort and resources in our team, our collaborators, communities and the planet. For us, fast and cheap is expensive.

At Bazerdžan, we want you to slow down, take time to explore, touch, feel, smell and enjoy the beauty.
We want you to engage in a conversation if you need help or have thoughts and ideas to share.


We’d love to hear from you. Reach out via Instagram, Facebook, info@bazerdzan.ba or visit us at Veliki Ćurčiluk 12 or treat yourself Bazerdzan online.