Vildana Brkić x Bazerdžan: Paintings on the go!

Vildana Brkić x Bazerdžan: Paintings on the go!

By Zana Karkin

If you’ve visited Bazerdžan, you surely already know Vildana, our With us from the very start, Vildana’s artistic persona has had a significant impact on what Bazerdžan is today. When she’s not in the store, guiding our new talents or creating this year’s bestselling pieces, you can find her painting at her home atelier. 

This is a shoutout to her and her new collection, featuring art you can both wear and decorate with. 

As an academic painter, Vildana loves experimenting with form, lines and materials, which she often successfully translates into exclusive elegant garments. Her fine abstract prints have also become a staple in Bazerdžan, where people frequently come back after buying their first. “They’d frame them and come asking for more, to build little collections of their own” she explains  "I feel like I should be offering them as an extra gift!"  

Vildana’s passion for abstract art is a deeply personal one. “Over time, painting has become more interesting than ever before, with all these new techniques and media developing” she states passionately. “This is why I dedicated myself to examining the image, color, texture, composition as well as the ways in which art communicates.” Her recognizable style is a nod to transcendence, to exploration of one’s own consciousness and feelings. 

This fall, she’s launching a new wearable collection with ten of her popular designs. Always aiming to free the arts from the confinement of the gallery walls, she has focused on creating high-quality pieces, with extra attention on details. "I also want to see art populate everything" — she adds —  "that's why I decided one of my canvases will be a gift with each garment purchase from now on."

COLLECTION EXCLUSIVE: Buy a garment and get a gift painting!

“I created shirts and dresses with fine prints of some of my paintings. I did not want these to be, you know, yet another line of print shirts, so I thought of the ways to make them extra special.” explains Vildana. The artworks are printed with a non-traditional technique, on a material resembling an art canvas, which are then sewn in on the garments.

“It’s simply art on the go, wearable both at work and at home” she adds. Fine details, like Vildana’s stitched signature, large zippers and leather pieces add to the refinement of the product. 

Pick your favorite combo <3!





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