Bazerdžan x Nike: Baščaršija edition

Bazerdžan x Nike: Baščaršija edition

Traditional meets new, creative and edgy in our latest BazerdžanWear editorial on Baščaršija's streets. Special appearance? Buzz Sneaker Station's latest Nike models!

Hidden pathways of Baščaršija are home to Bazeržan. This old part of Sarajevo has always been a crossing spot for different worlds, dimensions and histories. Eagerly preserving this spirit, Bazerdžan Girls are always ready to show you what Bosnia and Herzegovina is all about. It is no news that we give a modern twist to Bosnian tradition - respecting and cherishing the stories and history behind each item. 
Ina is wearing her new creation, cardigan Inch with Bosančica letters sewn in on the side. Her chest sparkle with "Asplenium Lepidum" and "Hepatica Nobilis" Silver Necklaces by Natasha Rubish.

The same goes for the Baščaršija streets we flaneur wearing the products of our creativity and our city. Each of the items Vildana, Ina and Viktorija wear is a creation of their own. Paired up with Air Max Viva Nikes, girls sport a picture-perfect postcard from Sarajevo! The items designed four our BazerdžanWear collection weave tradition into our motivation for a bright future and style. Did you know Bazerdžan is located in what once was the largest market street in Sarajevo? Crossing to one of our favorite coffee places, visiting the nearby bookstore, music store, and listening to live piano performances from one of our neighbors, we can never get enough of it. As we’re confidently stomping in our Nikes with Kasarna Jajce in the background, it feels like this long street will take us to yet another fairytale.Each corner of Baščaršija is a fairytale of its own. Building our creative dreams in its heart, we love exploring them. Luledžina, a small street deemed national treasure, takes its name from a hafiz (religious teacher) who had a workshop for making lule (pipes) there. Mak Dizdar, one of the most famous Bosnian 20th century, also lived here when he wasn’t writing or lounging under the Herzegovina sun. Laura Papo Bohoreta, the first Bosnian feminist who translated, educated and wrote, has her own street in this part of the town, taking us to the Novi Hram Gallery on one and the start of the urban center on its other end. Novi Hram Gallery is known for its conservation of Sephardic tradition in Sarajevo. One of the main contributors to this rich collection? Ms. Bohoreta herself, who especially enjoyed collecting stories about Sarajevan women and their work. We like to think we take after her! 

Vildana is wearing her new Oversized Shirt and Dukat Silver Necklace by Natasha Rubish. A great thing about our new Bosančica straps Vildana wears as a hairpiece? You can get creative with them!

Our last stop is Kazandžiluk, where kazandžije, traditional metalworkers, have developed a hobby of assessing various fashion styles parading through their secluded habitat. This Instagram-savvy place hides much more, and each of the craftsmen can tell you a story of their own.

Viktorija is wearing her silk crop top with woven Bosančica letters and black flare pants L.I.N.E. She serves looks with Werkstatt Zinc and Brass Bracelet worn as a choker!

Check out the newest pieces in our BazerdžanWear collection online or in store, in Baščaršija's heart — Ćurčiluk veliki 12.

Photo by Vedad Krbešević - @roninsway

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