Creative spotlight: Ljiljana Majkić

Creative spotlight: Ljiljana Majkić

By Zana Karkin 

As people who are closely tied to the design/creative community of BiH, we at Bazerdžan are fortunate to meet and work with some of the most talented people out there. It’s a blessing of sorts - one which we decided to share with you in the form of our new series where we talk about designers we work with. 

First stop: Ljiljana Majkić. 

Ljiljana is far from a new kid on the block. She’s a member of ULUPUBIH – the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which awarded her Grand Prix Collegium Artisticum 2012 (the highest annual award), and ULUPUDS - the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia. 

Photo cred: @ljiljanamajkic / @vanjalisac / @majatalovic / @jationmivioni / @mojra_atropa / @werkstatt_studio

During her extensive career, Ljiljana has had several solo and group exhibitions, as well as had her work published online and showcased in numerous fashion events across the globe. Perhaps the most important fact of all - she always has a surprise up her sleeves, creating something unique and different every time and keeping things fresh. 

So what makes her work stand out?

It’s an expression of new and experimental ideas that ultimately form a smooth blend of avant-garde fashion and wearable art, as Ljiljana herself likes to say. Her clothing is much more than eye-catching, though: the element of extravagance isn’t meant to be provocative. On the contrary - the idea is to form concepts that highlight different shapes, not accentuate the body itself (as is largely the custom these days). 

As such, it fits virtually every body type while also appealing to both young(er) and old(er) people - arguably the primary reason why you should wear a Ljiljana Majkić design. It’s very recognizable wear that looks special, yet it can be used for both formal and informal occasions.

If you’re looking for further reasons why you should give this a go, consider this: not only to stand out in a crowd and intrigue the minds of many (I can attest to that) but to project an image of a person who knows what she wants and chooses clothing with care. To top it all off, you are supporting the development of the local fashion scene, making a wise decision about where your spendings go.

If anything, Liljana’s clothes are a testament that no matter how extraordinary, specific, or out of the mold something is, you can combine it with different elements and wear it every day. 

Speaking strictly on my behalf now, I’ve never really liked the formal/informal categorization, especially when it implies you keep that one special piece in your closet for an even more special occasion - and then never get to it. You don’t have to be an extreme fashionista to appreciate every moment and make it special enough. 

At the very least, you should make every moment good enough to put on something that is special and unusual in your eyes and makes you feel good.

dress designer ljiljana majkic
Our very own Vildana Brkić wearing one Ljiljana Majkic dress

Wearing a Lljiljana Majkić dress is as close to wearing art as it can get. It’s an illustration of the growing ties fashion has to art these days, an umbilical cord of sorts. For us to be able to work with Ljiljana is an amazing opportunity - one we are so happy to have.

Check out Ljiljana’s work on Facebook and Instagram or check out our online collection for a small sample you can order - the rest is in the shop!

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