March 8

March 8

Today is the International Women's Day (IWD) or March 8, as it’s commonly known around the globe. With Bazerdžan being almost exclusively driven by sassy women (but not forgetting our wonderful male associates and collaborators), you can imagine why we hold today’s date in high regard. International Women’s Day is an important event for women as it represents a central point in the movement for our rights.

Not just a holiday

These days, there are divided sentiments on the actual celebration of the holiday. Some countries mark it as a public holiday or just a holiday that largely celebrates womanhood. In some places, it’s still a day of protest whereas it’s completely ignored elsewhere. Somewhere along the way, the ideological basis of the IWD faded and turned into an approximation of Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, where men show their affection and appreciation toward the opposite gender.  

March 8 was born out of agitation for a much-needed reform on a global scale. A number of issues were on the table, including social legislation, education, public health, and most notably, women's suffrage. Women wanted equality in marriage, education, and employment. They wanted access to standard healthcare. Legal control over their property and their children. But most of all, they wanted to vote. And despite resistance and setbacks, they nevertheless persisted. And they succeeded.

zena borac

Hence, March 8 is not just a holiday. It’s more than just “rewarding” us with a bouquet of flowers or a chocolate box (although we do like both, don’t get us wrong). For us at Bazerdžan, it’s about remembering the desire of brave women to achieve equality in a society so we can do what we want to do. It’s about celebrating their accomplishments and the willpower of those who rise up and make the best of what they have.  

Remember - women run the world, and we do a hell of a good job. So, instead of talking about inequalities (while certainly acknowledging them), we will talk about our heroes:

and our second mom (and one’s actual mom) Dika Karkin for ensuring that everything functions smoothly and without hiccups at Bazerdžan.

Furthermore, we will talk about living in the moment. Even though the eighth day of every March every year symbolizes something special and noteworthy, each day should be celebrated with the same joy, pride, and respect. Each moment is more precious than the previous because life is too short to waste time.

To all the women out there, especially those we work with and meet up day in and day out in our shop and elsewhere: happy March 8, the International Women’s Day. You empower us.

Yours truly,

Vildana, Ina, Emina & Zana

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