Places to relax in Sarajevo: Caffe Kamarija-Point of view

Places to relax in Sarajevo: Caffe Kamarija-Point of view

There is always a time when you just want to take a break, especially in the moments when the city starts to wear you down a bit. If we had our pick, Caffe Kamarija-Point of view is right up there (literally too).

Kamarija is an old Turkish word that refers to a type of terrace typically overlooking the backyard. The location and its surroundings are what makes the caffe so appealing. You can literally spend the entire day enjoying the city landscape while feeling the nature around you. The panoramic view is magnificent (one of the best you’ll find in Sarajevo), far enough to provide an escape from the modern commotion, yet close enough for you to feel the city’s vibe.

Because of its ambience, Kamarija-Point of view is one of the places we often use for photo shoots. It’s quiet and serene, offering a somewhat different perspective of Sarajevo and a welcome break from the usual setting.

Our favorite time to come is early weekend morning when the city is just starting to come alive. The birds are singing, a cool breeze rustles the leaves of this small paradise, and the smell of rye grains (our favorite order) takes over. We also recommend light gluten-free cakes in either vanilla or chocolate variety and washing it down with a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

If you want to enjoy Sarajevo from afar in the comfort of a quiet and naturally shade-covered place, you’ll need about 15 minutes on foot from the City Hall or Sebilj to get there. Those of you who aren’t quite in the mood for walking (or conditioned, especially after a night of partying) can always take a taxi. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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