Places to relax in Sarajevo: Ministry of Ćejf

Places to relax in Sarajevo: Ministry of Ćejf

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, ćejf is the ultimate state of something you enjoy. At Ministry of Ćejf, we feel right at home, as evidenced in the photo below:

Located in the slightly steep (at least for Sarajevo standards) Kovači street, Ministry of Ćejf is a coffee house located a short walk from Sebilj, Sarajevo’s most famous landmark. Yet, it’s far enough to catch a break from all the rush typical for any major city (especially during the Sarajevo Film Festival) and just relax and enjoy your time.

In that regard, Ministry of Ćejf is a bit special as it’s not just a cafe in the ordinary sense. It’s a place to get a feel of different people (particularly the international crew), talk to everyone and anyone that comes and goes. You come for the coffee (or in our case, Princess Latte, specially made for yours truly) and stay for the people, including Reshad (the owner) who is as friendly and courteous as they come.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is well-known for its coffee culture, yet there are very few places that take time to carefully prepare and care about the quality of the coffee. That’s another reason why Ministry of Ćejf is special: the coffee is so good, and we’re not saying that because they pamper us with custom made and served lattes’. If anything, that shows the extra willingness to make you feel right at home.

This is also one of our favorite places for photoshoots, as the ambient provides perfect warmth and tranquility we try to capture. If there’s some photo session in the works, this is the place that’s always up for consideration. Plus, they have raw cakes to die for - you definitely have to try these.

You can follow Ministry of Ćejf on Instagram and check out their Facebook page.

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