Precious winter moments with Bazerdžan

Precious winter moments with Bazerdžan

What are you most grateful for? 

There’s only a couple of weeks left until this year’s cathartic moment of magic. Still not in a festive mood? Let our shop of wonders take you on a heartwarming journey paved with celebration of the little things. 

It is time to unwind. This year, we are cherishing what really matters - making others and ourselves feel safe and happy, meditating on the promises of tomorrow.

Was there a beautiful moment you shared with someone today?

<img src="DSC_6082.jpg" alt="earrings and necklace shaped like coffee cup in copper material">
<img src="2020-11-16-104810448.jpg" alt="two marble coffee cups with black tea tree and active coal soap">

Have you surrounded yourself with relaxing scents before falling into dreams?

<img src="2020-11-16-104810448.jpg" alt="lavander soap wrapped as a christmas present ">

Take a moment to understand your history and the path you are on, just like the gracious women (and men!) of our past.

<img src="2020-11-17-102818508.jpg" alt="tote bag with queen of bosnia illustration and booklet with illustration of an antifascist memorial in bosnia">
<img src="2020-11-17-120950905.jpg" alt="illustrated book kings and queens of bosnia blue hardcover and woolen slippers">

When it gets cold in the evening, wrap yourself in the material all families in our mountainous homeland hold dear to their hearts…

<img src="2020-11-17-100423640.jpg" alt="green woolen smiling sheep toy with christmas decoration">

...with a little help from our Lillum the Sheep, you guessed it! Wool!

<img src="2020-11-16-105603077.jpg" alt="two woolen blue green hats with a label">

A mom and her daughter knit Bogda Rukotvorine cozied up in their living room. Is there something you learned or taught someone today?

<img src="2020-11-16-114413345.jpg" alt="book goodnight stories for rebel girls and orange woolen slippers with pompom">
<img src="2020-11-16-115746804.jpg" alt="book noel malcom a short history of bosnia and woolen black slippers with pompom">

Your moments of magic can be hidden within you. Take a sneak peek and find your light!

<img src="DSC_6156.jpg" alt="wooden box with carvings and small marble earrings">

You can also visit us, even drop by for a talk. Looking for inspiration on how to decorate your home for the upcoming holidays? We got you there, too!

Bazerdžan is open everyday, except Sundays, from 11 AM to 7 PM. Santa takes good care of us, so it is not only the snowy roofs of our mahalas where he delivers. He goes worldwide! If you select the fast shipping option, you can have your gifts delivered before Christmas, anywhere in the world!

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