Sustainable philosophy: Bazerdžan x Comme de Lars mom

Sustainable philosophy: Bazerdžan x Comme de Lars mom

Fabulous and easygoing are the two adjectives we immediately think of whenever we meet Naida, who goes by the name @comme_de_lars_mom on her social profiles. A mom of two boys, Lars and Mak, Naida is an eclectic and breezy businesswoman whose modern lifestyle is an eponym in the Bazerdžan playbook. 

As we’re drinking coffee and chatting, this elegant blonde moves effortlessly in the summer dress we designed together for Bazerdžan, inspired by some of our favourite topics: sustainability, upcycling, femininity, creativity.

“I loved the Bazerdžan feature about the Bosnian fairies” - she explains - “not only because of those wonderful stories we grew up with, but because it immediately inspired me to approach creation with a redefined feminine energy, focusing more on ecology and sustainability”. 

Naida is already known for her upcycling craftsmanship. Driven by a belief that modern life can be available to anyone and that clothes are a part of it, Naida creates together with her children and puts her thoughts into her brand. “I’ve been playing with the idea of masculinity and femininity in the context of ecology for some time now” - she starts, her youthful face brightening up - “for example, through my brand Sviliboo, I dig up vintage men’s ties and turn them into high-quality hair scrunchies”. 

The principle behind the idea is her belief that feminine energy is capable of constructing, creating, giving birth to something new. Juxtaposing these with the typically masculine values, Naida aims to stress how significant it is to give value to everything that women, in their essence, are. Femininity is at the core of creation, therefore it holds an answer to a more sustainable life. 

Life cycles are everywhere around us, she explains. “That’s why I always loved vintage shops, which slowly grew into an awareness about the dark side of fashion and importance of a sustainable approach to dressing”. Our new collection focuses on redefining structured men’s shirts and simple Bazerdžan T-shirts into new, feminine garments.

The philosophical approach to daily life of a woman is reflected in Naida x Bazerdžan's new collection. 

“These dresses are short, urban and bold. At the same time, the asymmetry makes it extremely pleasant and multifaceted. The combination of strict lines of old men’s shirts with plain white T’s announces a confident, feminine woman, focused on expressing herself - both the masculine and feminine within.”

Staying true to herself, understanding her power and body and raising awareness about the modern family lifestyles, Naida reflects her identity through her clothes. As a Bazerdžan role model and wrapped in flowing, feminine materials,  she truly is a fairy to tell stories about. 

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