Who's that... Witch?

Who's that... Witch?

The fun stickers you’ll find in Bazerdžan are just one part of her witchy business. Meet the girl behind the most popular feminist meme page in this part of Europe.

a bunch of Sve su to vjestice stickers

Her memes are a Balkan–wide sensation. “The post–Yugo intellectual space is everywhere. I strongly identify with it, with Sarajevo as its heart” — starts Hana Ćurak, whose meme page Sve su to vještice (It’s all Witches) acquired her a mysterious and legendary status in the region.

Following her page for ages, we thought there’s an army of women behind it! Thrilled to find out it is her after one of our afternoon teas, we’ve decided to bring memes to life together.

Sticker your soul out

“Transferring messages from the digital to the analog world is not always easy or useful” — she states — “but you can use my memes to take a stand. Your roommate leaves the toilet seat up? Sticker ‘em. A lame dude ghosted you? Poof, sticker. Finding creative places to use them is part of the fun! 

The author, photographed here during her workshop “VoxHexae” at the 14th VoxFeminae Festival in Zagreb. Photo: Bruno Konjević / Cropix for 100posto.hr. From Hana's private album

Starting out anonymously in late 2015, Hana now runs a successful media & education powerhouse. “Before Vještice, there was little to no feminist online presence in the Balkans” — she remembers. Her art and activism have since inspired many girls from her generation and younger to express themselves online. “My hometown became sort of a totally unexpected regional feminist hub with similar initiatives popping up, girls starting zines and such. Witches definitely ignited a fire” — she laughs. 

vjestice meme

What’s in her brew? 

Humor! Hana’s memes are humoristic depictions of everyday female experience. Emotional labor, housework, friendships, relationships, marriage, age, ways to navigate the public space, are all topics treated with quick wit. At the same time, she’s educating her more than 60K followers about feminist history and politics. 

heidegger meme
Philosopher Martin Heidegger, pictured in Hana's memes as a hungry Balkan male.

Witchy business

“I’m a big fan of contemporary art and a sociology geek, and it’s obvious that people like Barbara Kruger inspire me” — says Hana. The term witch is important for her. “It’s a term charged with many meanings. Unlike many other words traditionally used against women, witch hints power and knowledge.”

barbara kruger
Barbara Kruger – Untitled (Your body is a battleground), 1989, photo and silk screen, installation view, The Broad, LACMA, photo: CC BY-NC 2.0

Resting witch face

The sets of five or ten stickers come with a unique, hand–stamped Vještice logo featuring prominently on the package.

“It’s my drawing inspired by Simone de Beauvoir” — explains Hana. “She’s something! As a historical figure, one of the most important feminists and philosophers. As for memes — a perfect deity.”

Stickers can also be used as trading cards. If you didn't get a meme you wanted in your set, just text Vještice!

Hocus Pocus

Hana’s digital legacy continues to live, while she’s lowkey doing business away from the meme world. “Meme-making is still my favorite hobby. I like to think of it as a cover up for my world of business magic!”

Seems super witchy to us. 

For your set of stickers, visit Bazerdžan in Ćurčiluk Veliki 12 or go to our online store. Follow Sve su to vještice FacebookInstagram and Twitter channels for memes & more. On Youtube and Spotify Hana also does a podcast with international guests. Check out their awesome video art!  

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