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Book "New Metonyms" by Shantanu Starick & Ennis Cehic

Book "New Metonyms" by Shantanu Starick & Ennis Cehic

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Countries are reduced to their metonyms. France is the Eiffel Tower. England is Big Ben. Russia is the Kremlin. Croatia is beaches. Australia is the Opera House and the USA the Statue of Liberty. What is Bosnia & Herzegovina? 

New Metonyms is a book that searches for an answer to this question through photography and writing.

"For many, the mention of Bosnia still conjures up images of war, suffering, exile and genocide. This is unlucky, but true: war and its remnants cannot - unfortunately - be here. But what if we tried to uncover metonyms of Bosnia that are free of connections of war? From both its natural and historical phenomena? Natural because of its wonderful, geographic reality; historical because of the role people have played in it. By taking a closer look at these two qualities, we can realise a much warmer feeling for this country we call the heart-shaped land of the Balkans." 

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