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Book Orient Expressed by Dr. Sana S. Heco

Book Orient Expressed by Dr. Sana S. Heco

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In Orient Expressed, Dr. Sana S. Heco takes Levantine cuisine to a whole new level of culinary innovation, expression, and health benefits by using the principles of natural medicine and modern raw food techniques.

This one-of-a-kind cookbook offers more than 100 recipes in which the most popular and well-loved savory and sweet Oriental delicacies are made plant-based, raw and healthy. without losing their authentic flavors and appeal.


Orient Expressed is the authors love letter to food. Food as holistic art, created to nourish and thrill. To sustain the body and the soul, thus keeping them vital, vibrant and connected. In the eyes of the author, this is the true purpose of food.


20 cm x 27 cm


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