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"Butterfly" Ring by Elird

"Butterfly" Ring by Elird

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 Available for purchase only in our Bazerdzan Titova Store.

Shipment is available only in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Material: Silver 

Techniques: Hand carved silver 

Engraved word: Peace 

Bathinus Collection is inspired by our home country Bosnia and Herzegovina and it’s rich, diverse, inspiring and beautiful nature and historical heritage. Every ring from this collection has engraved one animal, characteristic for Bosnian forests. Moreover, every ring has engraved one word which is inspired by the engraved animal. The words are engraved using Glagolitic script. Namely, Bosnian language is an indigenous and original linguistic phenomenon, characterized by an interesting curiosity, which in every sense, sets it apart from many other world languages. In its long history, Bosnian language was written in five different scripts: Glagolitic, Cyrillic, Bosnian Cyrillic known as Bosancica, Arabic and Latin. As for us, Glagolitic script was one of the most visually appealing scripts, which is the reason we have decided to use it for Bathinus collection. Each ring is a signet ring, meaning it could be used for sealing wax and could remain as a remarkable heritage piece in your collection.

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