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Poster Banjalučka Serdžada by Bazerdzan

Poster Banjalučka Serdžada by Bazerdzan

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Illustrated by artist Kemil Bekteši. 

Shipping available only in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Banjalučka serdžada (prayer rug) is one of the most interesting visual phenomena of Islamic art in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over time, it became famous and could be found in the private collections of dignitaries throughout the Ottoman Empire. Its specificity lies in the fact that it primarily served as decoration for the interiors of the homes of wealthy members of society. Unlike other prayer rugs that are woven, Banjalučka serdžada was made using embroidery technique - smaller motifs of flowers were attached to a base fabric using a sewing process. It is presumed that the first specimens were created in the mid-17th century, and the last during the 20th century. Examples of the Banjalučka serdžada can be found in collections around the world today.


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