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Rings with engraved Sevdalinka (Material: Zinc/Brass) - by Werkstatt

Rings with engraved Sevdalinka (Material: Zinc/Brass) - by Werkstatt

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Each ring is different and unique. The ring size can be adjusted by twisting

Cleaning note: 

If your Zinc or Brass ring is turning brownish or if it's loosing its luster, you could clean it gently using a soft nail shiner sponge.

Important note about zinc:

Corrosion-resistant, Rust-proof

Important note about brass: 

Brass does not rust and is resistant to corrosion. However, it does develop a patina, or greenish layer, over time.

Considering brass is made from a mixture of metals including cooper and zinc, oxidation is common, however it commonly discolors skin and even tarnishes.
Undoubtedly many elements cause brass to turn skin green including humidity, skin oils, and sweat.

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